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Guiding startups and emerging growth companies to raise up to 5 million Reg. CF and up to 75 million Reg. A+ online. Everyday investors can invest in private companies democratizing funding and investing.

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Building Companies

We coach startups and emerging growth companies to raise funding online to change the world for the greater good.


Food And Drink

Restaurants, distillers, wineries, and brewers have successfully funded online capital campaigns. Ask us to share some success stories. Book a call now.

Digital social media


Technology drives the E-Commerce and Fintech marketplace. Technology based disruptors have successfully funded online. Book a call to learn more.

Wind Turbines


Innovations in carbon emissions, EV, solar, and wind energy are addressing climate change. Sustainability means green computer chips and waste management. All have raised funding via equity crowdfunding. Ask me how.

Planet and Moon

Travel And Leisure

Wi-Fi in space, efficient satellite fuel, vacation booking apps, tickets to sports or events have launched and funded successful campaigns. Book a call to learn more.

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David Blankman, CEO CrowdVision. David is a Fintech executive, startup mentor and equity crowdfunding professional. He coached one thousand plus founders and emerging growth companies on all aspects of successful online offering campaigns. He guides issuers with hands on, been there and done that success raising capital via Reg. CF, Reg. A+ exemptions.

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CrowdVision, LLC  is an independant advisor offering Reg. CF and Reg. A+ offering prepartion and live online campaign guidance. CrowdVision, LLC is not a broker dealer and does not advise investors to purchase shares of client issuers. CrowdVision, LLC partners with portals, startups and emerging growth companies under fee for service compensation. CrowdVision, LLC is not paid commissions on investor trades or fees based on the outcome of issuer's offering.